2020 Handiham Special Event Station

August 7, 5pm CDT (2200 UTC) to August 9, 11pm CDT (August 10, 0400 UTC)


This event provides an opportunity for all Handiham Members to get on the radio, make contacts, and have fun.  This event also allows students who just attended a week of classes in operating skills to practice newly acquired skills.

Suggested information to share if working phone and not on a repeater or Echolink:

CQ CQ CQ Handiham Radio Club special event in honor of the Handiham Program celebrating 53 years of helping people with disabilities participate in the amateur radio hobby. CQ CQ CQ [your call sign]


Signal report, QTH, and your name and call sign.
Advise the contact that there is a special QSL card for this event and instructions are available at Handiham.org.


Include your call sign and QTH and station description
Date / UTC Time / Call sign / band / mode / signal report

Logs are due no later than August 31st

Prize categories:

VHF/UHF (including Echolink and Repeaters)
• All Band Unlimited (VHF/UHF/HF—including Echolink and Repeaters)

Getting Radio Active in the Handiham Radio Club

We are working on getting this site up and active again for the Handiham Radio Club. Stay tuned for Radio Club information and announcements!

As a reminder, your current club leadership team is:

Club President: Linda Reeder, N7HVF

Club Vice President: Tom Behler, KB8TYJ

Club Secretary: John Glass, NU6P