Handiham Daily Net Returning

Following the loss of a great net control station, Doug, N6NFF, now a silent key, and our previous net manager, Diane, KK6LOE, the Daily Net has been only running on Monday and Friday mornings.  We have good news!  The Net is returning to five days a week! Join us each weekday morning for friendship, to promote the Handiham Program, and to exchange ideas on the many aspects of the amateur radio hobby. We will also have trivia questions to challenge your brain and maybe even increase your knowledge of ham radio.  Plus, we will be getting to know each other by call sign, name, and voice, and, at times, a smile and a laugh.  The daily Handiham Net is returning! 

New Handiham Net Manager, Barry, K9AMO

Handiham Radio Club leadership (Linda Reeder, N7HVF, Tom Behler, KB8TYJ, and John Glass, NU6P) would like to announce the appointment of a new net manager, Barry McMills, K9AMO. We are please to welcome him to this position. Watch for an upcoming introduction from Barry in Handiham World and on this club website.