Extra Class Pool goes into effect 1 July 2016

Studying for your Extra Class ticket?  It’s time to switch gears and start using the latest question pool, which is the Public Release March 5, 2016.  This pool goes into effect for all VE testing on the first day of July 2016.

You can always find the latest version of any question pool on the NCVEC website at http://www.ncvec.org/.

If you are blind and wish to use the recorded version with only the correct answers as a study guide, you will be able to find the latest version read by Handiham volunteer Jim Perry, KJ3P, on the Handiham website in the members section by July 1.  It will also be available in DAISY format for download as a zip file and for placement on NLS digital cartridges.

A great big THANK YOU to Jim for his excellent recording!

Accessibility Improved at W0EQO

Users connecting to W0EQO will now hear the receiver audio immediately instead having to find and toggle the power button on the graphical user interface. While there are keystroke commands for the basic functions used in operation of the RCForb software, there is no such command for the radio’s power switch. That meant that JAWS users had to use a tedious process of trying to find the button labeled PWR with the JAWS cursor.

Now when you connect the radio is already running.

W0EQO is back!

Tall tower supporting dipole antenna, with ladder line dangling down toward camera

Check out the two HF remote base internet stations available to club members. Find out more at https://handiham.org/remotebase. See the user guide on this website, too.

The photo shows the dipole antenna fed with 450 ohm ladder line.  It is high on the tower at the apex of the inverted vee.  The legs are 150 feet long, for a total dipole length of 300 feet.