Handiham Club Daily Net

What are you waiting for? Check into our Handiham nets… Everyone is Welcome!

How to find the Handiham Net: 

  • The Handiham EchoLink conference is 494492. Connect via your iPhone, Android phone, PC, or on a connected simplex node or repeater system in your area.
  • You will also find us on the IRLP linked repeater system. Look for IRLP 9008.

The Handiham Net will be on the air daily. If there is no net control station on any scheduled net day, we will have a round-table on the air get-together.

Our daily Echolink net continues to operate for anyone and everyone who wishes to participate at 11:00 hours CST (Noon Eastern and 09:00 Pacific), as well as Wednesday evenings at 19:00 hours CST (7 PM).  If you calculate GMT, the time difference is that GMT is six hours ahead of Minnesota time during the winter.  Note that we do not have a Thursday evening session at this time, that session has been moved to Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM Central Time.

Doug, N6NFF, poses a trivia question in the first half of the Wednesday evening session, so check in early if you want to take a guess.   The answer to the trivia question is generally given shortly after the half-hour mark.  A big THANK YOU to all of our net control stations and to our Handiham Club Net Manager, Michael, VE7KI.

The WA0TDA Quick Start Guide: Using RCFORB

By Patrick Tice, WAØTDA

This quick start guide is for anyone who wants to install and use the RCFORB HF remote base client software from Remotehams.com with a minimum of time and effort. That would be most of us! A Quick Start Guide shouldn’t be wordy, so let’s just use some simple steps to get you up and running.

Get it here in PDF: The WA0TDA RCFORB Quick Start Guide