Appearing at a hamfest I couldn’t attend

Folks were congregating

before on 3810 KHz March 24 prior to the QND of the West Virginia section NTS SSB net. A major topic of discussion was who was planning to attend the Hamfest that was planned to take place the next day. Who was going; Who couldn’t, why or why not.
Here I was in New Zealand, wanting to be there, but there were, issues: Time, distance, etc.

Then I remembered how my capabilities had increased with the Iphone, so I decided to accomplish something a bit unique.

After the net closed, my hands were free from the keyboard, so I got into action.

I took this picture, and emailed it to Roger KC8KL, who took it along to the hamfest he attended.

Thanks to Micky Waby, my mother in law, who photoshopped the picture converting it to JPG, so that it could be used here and in my QRZ profile.

Reception. K8KT offered a report, as it had been around 30 years since he last saw me. He sounded surprised saying he saw a lot of change, especially now looking older. I agreed, admitting I feel every minute of it!