NTS old and new: Progress

In the old days, which I mean before I operated remotely, the common practice was to move a lot of traffic off the net frequency. NCS would direct stations down 3 or 4, or up 3 or 4 KHz, where the action actually took place. This largely still happens, but tonight, I was statled when the NCS sent me down 1 to pass some traffic. I briefly wondered if I’d copied it right. 1Khz? That would seem too close, and certainly would have been back younder, when receivers were wider. They are much tighter today, as I appreciated, after I moved to the newly directed frequency. Since I was using W8KF, he has the automatic mode set so that QSY anywhere automatically sets the mode for the appropriate sideband for the frequency, but I mainly operate CW, so it was necessary to press a few more keys to get back into the internal keyboard, because W8KF doesn’t have the serial interace installed on the server end. After this, I needed to change the mode several times in order to back into CW mode again. I was able to pass traffic even though I was only 1 KHz away from the net, and neither station suffered for the proximity. This was an incredible discovery to make!