Quicker CW

Server owners can arrange the order of the modes any way they want.
This isn’t a problem for accessibility, but it can sometimes mean that you may have to hit control m several times before you’ll find that you have got the rig into CW mode.

Also important, even if you know how far around the wheel the CW position is, you can’t press control m in rapid succession to get there, because you must pause briefly, following each press of control m in order to give the rig time to adjust to the new mode being now currently selected.

Therefore, I have found a quicker way to get the rig functioning in the CW mode, that takes less time than all that extra army strategy of hurry up and wait, hi hi.

So here is how I do it.

This stragegy seems to work reliably on all the remotes I use, and more importantly, it doesn’t matter whether the remote has the serial keying interface which both of the Handiham club stations enjoy.

1. Control f and listen for RC Forab to prompt for the new frequency.
2. Enter the new frequency on the numbers row of the keyboard. Note, pay attention to whether the entry should be in Kilohertz or Megahertz, because this does matter, where you are going.
3. Press enter.
4. Press alt shift f and listen for RC Forb to verify that you’re where you believe you should be.
5. Press tab once.
6. Press alt w, then c, twice. The first time you press c, RC Forb should respond with number. The second time you press alt w, c, RC Forb should respond with Edit.
This means you are now in the box for sending.
7. Press a letter, I generally prefer e because as all CW ops know, E is the shortest letter, and therefore, is the least disruptive.
You’ll hear the rig switch to CW.